About Us


As a woman entrepreneur, instead of being in a profit organization, I would like to be in a social responsibility project to create awareness about nourishment in a system where sweetings, additives, preservers are big problem and are forced to forget the past values, it is almost succeeded. I promise to the next generation a community and a society that produces not consumes. 

I have recognized that we have the chance to offer to the public the reality of the very first writings about medical and aromatic plants dates back 5000 years ago and combining these information with today's technology. During my vacation from Africa to America and Asia, I visited small countries and cities that protect their values, and nature and transfer them to a spice tourism. 

I am already aware that our country is a heaven in terms of having these kind of healing herbs, I am charmed continuing the researches. While finding various plants as functional food and medical teas is very possible, I recognized that the required attention is not given to some plants. 

I have been working all characteristic features of white mulberry and more importantly its leaf for 3 years. 

We improved our creative and new products, functional food and food supplement to develop and contribute the plant wealth of our country to the economy by selling them to the world and, it is time to create its mission. 

I aim at connecting with state authorities about putting white mulberry flour in baby formulas, and bakery products to offer high protein and protector products to the public. 

The Immunflex R&D studies are done with Istanbul University Faculty of Pharmacy, Istanbul University Technology Transfer Center and Bezmialem Foundation University Phytotherapy Center.


Tijen Ziyal