Rose water tonic with white mulberry leaf extract travel size

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Rose Water Tonic with White Mulberry Leaf Extract Travel Size

Contains white mulberry leaf extract with antioxidants which help hydration, strengthen skin barrier and nurture skin.

With its aromatic mulberry extract rose water formula, helps to clean the skin deeply from oil and dust, tightens the pores. Due to this, the skin breathes comfortably and gains vividness, flexibility and shine to look fresh. 
Reflects the beautifying effect of mulberry leaf extract and rose water to your skin.

Mulberry leaves are used in cosmetic preparations due to their efficiency in skin whitening and spot healing. Especially there is a wide use of mulberry in Far East beauty products. 

Does not contain mineral oils, vaselin, PEG type substances, perfume allergens, dyestuffs, animal products.  

Spray to makeup removal cotton and apply to clean skin on face and neck with round, massaging movements.

Effects of Morus Alba Leaf Extracts in various concentrations on skin:

Preventative effect of melanine formation (dark colored skin marks) *
Reduces elastin gene to 70 percent. Increasing elastase activity triggers psoriasis, wrinkles, early skin aging and delays scar healing. It could be said that morus alba extract is beneficial to be used in anti-aging products for inhibiting elastase gene.*

*According to Biota Cell Culture Laboratory Vitro Research 

Also believed to be increasing hyaluronic acid synthesis and skin moisture.* 


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