Orange Flavored Mulberry Fruit Extract

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Orange Flavored Mulberry Fruit Extract

Immunflex Mulberry Leaf Extract can be used as flavoring and sweetener in pastries, cakes and sweets, cold and hot milky drinks, creams and sauces, and in ice-creams with a few drops instead of sugar. While your products will taste the nice aroma of mulberry fruit and leaf, you will present your guests with healthy features like antioxidant, immunity enhancer, blood sugar balancer, metabolism regulator and energizer.


- Cake, Cookies, Milky Desserts

- Olive Oiled Artichoke

- Sugar-free Chocolate Cake

- Granola, Granola Bar

- Mulberry Chocolate Balls

- Sugar-free Tiramisu

- Flourless Sugar-free Muffin

- Flourless Pancake

- Sugar-free Yoghurt Drink


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