Mulberry Molasses with Ginger

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Mulberry Molasses with Ginger  

Immunflex mulberries, obtained under natural conditions medicines and hormones free. It keeps our health while adding a different flavor to our molasses, with a mixture of 3% ginger. It protects the cardiovascular system with minerals such as chromium, zinc and magnesium whichg inger contains. It is used against cold and nausea. Protects from pain and inflammation by anti-inflammatory effect. Regularly used ginger molasses strengthens the immune system.

Mulberry molasses are made of dried mulberries that are obtained from mulberry trees in Eğin region without any use of pesticides, hormones or artificial fertilizers by boiling at wood fire and by solar energy.

Our molasses are passed through quality tests at every stage from nature to your table which are produced with great care without any additives.

Our molasses which are made of best mulberry fruits of the area are bottled after quality tests are done in TÜBİTAK Food Institute. Can be consume safely especially by children and elder people, to protect their health and not to be sick. Mulberry Molasses with Ginger is 220 grams.

Immunflex runs R&D studies incorporate with Istanbul University Faculty of Pharmacy, Istanbul University Technology Transfer Center, Bezmialem Foundation University Phytotheraphy Center and TÜBİTAK Food Institute.


Nutricition Facts Amount Per 100g.
Calories 342
Total Fat 0

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