Mulberry Molasses with Ginger

Mulberry Molasses with Ginger  Immunflex mulberries, obtained under natural conditions medicines and hormones free. It keeps our health while adding a different flavor to our molasses, with a mixture of 3% ginger. It protects the cardiovascular system with minerals such as chromium, zinc and m..


Mulberry Molasses with Turmeric

Mulberry Molasses with Turmeric   Turmeric is one of the functional food nowadays. Because of the chemical structure and some compunds that it contains like curcumin, its located in the center of the scientific researches. Immunflex mulberry molasses with 3% turmeric; strengthen our memory..


Mulberry Leaf Face Cream

Mulberry Leaf Face CreamHidrasyon (nem sağlayan) ve cilt bariyerini güçlenmesine yardımcı olan ve cildi besleyen, antioksidan özellikli Beyaz Dut Yaprağı ekstresi içerir.Dut yaprakları cilt beyazlatmada ve leke gidermede etkili olduğu için kozmetik preparatlarda tercih edilir. Özellikle Uzak Doğu’da..


Mulberry Leaf Fresh Pasta

Dut Yapraklı Taze Makarnaİçindekiler: Durum buğdayı irmiği (gluten içerir), yumurta, organik beyaz dut yaprağı tozu, tuzTavsiye edilen tüketim tarihi ve parti no ambalajın üzerindedir.Enerji ve besin Öğeleri100 g içinEnerji (kcal)290,1Yağ (g)*Doymuş yağ (g)4,262,01Karbonhidrat (g)51,08*Şek..

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White Mulberry Leaf Extract

 White Mulberry Leaf ExtractImmunflex Mulberry Leaf Extract can be used as flavoring and sweetener in pastries, cakes and sweets, cold and hot milky drinks, creams and sauces, and in ice-creams with a few drops instead of sugar. While your products will taste the nice aroma of mulberry fruit an..


Rose water tonic with white mulberry leaf extract

Rose Water Tonic with White Mulberry Leaf ExtractContains white mulberry leaf extract with antioxidants which help hydration, strengthen skin barrier and nurture skin.With its aromatic mulberry extract rose water formula, helps to clean the skin deeply from oil and dust, tightens the pores. Due to t..