Cookie Nutricition Facts Amount Per 100g. Calories 380,25 Total Fat 1,48 Oleik Acid C18:1 10,0 Linoleik Acid C18:2 36,8 Linoleik Asit C18:3 3,3 Carbohydrate 86,58 Sugar 78..


Gourmet Package

Gurme Paketi Gurme paketi içerisinde;- Beyaz Dut Kurusu- Beyaz Dut Unu- Beyaz Dut Yaprağı Çayı- Beyaz Dut Yaprağı Tozu- Pastil - Tadımlık Boy Dut Pekmezi - Tadımlık Boy Bitki Çayı KarışımıBeyaz Dut Kurusu Farklı iklim ve toprak şartlarına adaptasyon kabiliyeti yüksek olan du..


White Mulberry Fruit Extract

White Mulberry Fruit ExtractImmunflex Mulberry Fruit Extract can be used as flavoring and sweetener in pastries, cakes and sweets, cold and hot milky drinks, creams and sauces, and in ice-creams with a few drops instead of sugar. While your products will taste the nice aroma of mulberry fruit and le..


Mulberry Molasses with Ginger

Mulberry Molasses with Ginger  Immunflex mulberries, obtained under natural conditions medicines and hormones free. It keeps our health while adding a different flavor to our molasses, with a mixture of 3% ginger. It protects the cardiovascular system with minerals such as chromium, zinc and m..